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Testimonial by Ben Baker - Powerski Canada

I had the opportunity to be the first Powerski rental location in the world. I have to say that I was a little worried at the start of this venture about the Jetboard as a rental product. There were many unknowns, but we just stepped out with faith and hoped that things would go well. The Jetboard was definitely a hit and performed great even under some adverse conditions. I mean its one thing to put a pro rider on the board and let them rip, but putting the general public on the board - that is the true test of a product in my opinion. If something is 'unbreakable', all you need is a renter and you will soon find out if the product is truly ready for market. While we did have a few issues, they were pretty minor and actually would have been preventable with better maintenance so I really can't put the blame on the boards. By the end of summer we had accumulated a minimum of 80 hours on each of the 6 boards we were running with and a couple of them now have upwards of 120 hours on the original engine and drivetrain which is phenomenal. Reliability was a huge issue going into this venture and I am happy to say that Powerski and the boys at Advantage Industries have laid that issue to rest. The Jetboard is an amazing product and is set to take the world by storm. I am looking forward to taking this excitement across Canada in the spring.

Rental Canada
Rental Canada


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