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Powerski Receives Investment Funding for EPA / CARB Testing - October 04, 2008
EPA Emission TestingThe test results from our contracted EPA testing facility, MotorScience Enterprise reported that Powerski's SuperTorqueXT flat engine meets the EPA requirements according to their latest dyno and test readings. MotorScience has been testing several catalytic converter configurations for over a year. Some of the challenges PSI had to overcome included meeting the CARB / EPA emission standards while keeping the horsepower to an acceptable level. Motor Science believes that Powerski's engine has overcome these challenges with the latest catalytic converter configuration and tests.

Motor Science will conduct additional testing with the catalytic converter inside the silencer, which could allow for easy installment and replacement. Motor Science claims this test could be completed quickly and then transferred to Olsen Ecological Labstesting for CARB / EPA emission certification. "

...the SuperTorqueXT engine runs very clean. We did several emission tests and the level of HC and CO is below the standard by a large margin. From the testing results we achieved here at our own lab, we believe it will pass all certification tests."
 According to Mr. Zheng of Motor Science
Once the engine with catalytic converter is sent over to Olsen Ecological Labs, the testing may take as long as thirty days or more depending on dyno scheduling in the lab. Once the engine passes the certification test, it will take approximatley 30 - 45 days for the official certification to be issued from Washington DC. During this time PSI could be in the process of fabricating the production tooling for a timely launch to the US market. This production tooling could take an estimated 60 days. The next step would be to procure a manufacturing vendor for our limited licensing manufacturer, All American dba Power Sports, in Moses Lake, Washington. This could take approximately 60 days for completion.

Grand Opening in Moses Lake, Washington with Limited License Assembler, All American Power Sports
openThis Summer Powerski's limited license assembler, All American Power Sports made a significant investment putting on a demonstration and open house at their facility in Moses Lake, Washington. The response was phenomenal as distributors and dealers flew in from as far away as Russia and Germany. Everyone had the opportunity to tour the assembly facility, as well as inspect and ride the new production Jetboards. This resulted in purchase orders which could be financed through Powerski Capital & guaranteed  through the EX/IM Bank of the US Government.   Alexey Kalitin, the official distributor of PowerSki products to Russia, couldn't get enough of the new production boards. He stated the boards were extremely dependable and he was excited to put in a large order because his customers are  ready to buy.  

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With over 50 riders riding the Jetboard for the first time at this event alonge, it was thoroughly proven that everyone can ride the Powerski Jetboard the first high performance motorized surfboard.
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